The Tanda Tula Foundation

We’ve always worked with a purpose. A purpose linked to preserving the wild. A purpose centered on people. And on the future. That’s why we started the Tanda Tula Foundation.


While we focus on the guest experience, our foundation translates that into impacts for our community. Through it, we fund the education of young people from our community at exceptional schools and universities. We upskill our team members. And help develop small businesses and non-governmental organizations that align with our ethos.

“This is not about ‘doing work in the community’, but rather about ensuring that people can access the education and resources to change their own lives.” Nina Scott, Tanda Tula Director.

Support our scholarships


Education is not a privilege. It is a human right. We’ve placed it at the heart of our Foundation’s work because it’s the key to unlocking better futures for our staff, their children, and our community.

Tanda Tula (Pty) Ltd is 100% responsible for our scholarship programs, which give young people access to the best education from preparatory school to university.

Scholarship student achievements extend beyond excellent academic results. They find new skills, passions, and perspectives on their futures. And develop the confidence to pursue their dreams. With one of our students reading for a degree in Aeronautical Engineering, the sky is the limit.

While we carry the majority of the costs, your generous donations help us to help more young people fulfill their potential.

How to donate


You can provide a once-off, monthly or annual contribution to the Foundation. These funds are allocated to various priority projects and bursaries identified by the governors of the Foundation


These are financial contributions to one or more of the Foundation’s programs.

These may include some of the following:
Full Primary School and High School (college) scholarships, grades 1 to 12
Uniforms and stationery
School outings and sporting activities
Extra tuition and tutoring
University tuition, housing, and living expenses


We form part of a group of lodges developing local supply chain links between community businesses and the safari industry in our area. This is a deeply collaborative effort where all stakeholders are partners with the goal of developing a reliable, robust wildlife economy shared by all. We buy local goods, produce and services. And we help small businesses with planning, loans and capacity development as they work towards their own visions for their futures.