What’s Your Morning Safari Brew? 

You are enjoying your morning safari, the gentle rolling of the vehicle, crisp air on your face and a warm blanket over your knees all combine to make you feel a bit sleepy. Then, your guide turns around and utters those magical words: “I think it’s time we stopped for a morning coffee!”. 

It always seems to come at just the right time. A period to get out and stretch your legs, reflect on the morning’s sightings and enjoy your favourite cup of something hot and delicious, accompanied by one of our famous rusks, of course.  

So, what is your all-time preferred morning brew? Are you a one-coffee-a-day person opting for a fruit flavored tea? Or more of a holiday-rebel enjoying a decadent hot chocolate or a strong coffee with a large shot of South Africa’s famous creamy liquor Amarula? 

We are all big coffee lovers, anyone who has been to Tanda Tula will know that we take our coffee very seriously, grinding the beans at bush breakfast, making sure it’s just rounded and smooth enough.  

However, when it comes to a coffee game drive stop on a morning safari, we must admit we really throw caution to the wind. This is the time for us to go crazy and enjoy all the decadence in one, this is honestly the most insanely delicious hot brew ever!  

Mocha Choca Roca Coffee 

  • 1 big spoon of hot chocolate
  • 2 tots Amarula 
  • 1 pot freshly brewed coffee 
  • Handful baby marshmallows 
  • Sprinkle of cinnamon 

Place the hot chocolate in your cup and add the Amarula. Stir vigorously until a creamy paste forms. 

Add your coffee, top with marshmallows and a sprinkle of cinnamon 

Enjoy with a homemade rusk. 

Tanda Tula - Timbavati - South Africa