What is our Foundation up to?

July is Youth month in South Africa, so what better time than now to celebrate our six wonderfully inspiring scholarship students.

The arrival of Covid early last year and the aftermath that followed meant many changes across the globe for many people. However, we can proudly say that all six of our scholarship students have remained at Southern Cross Schools and continue to grow and mature, they are all doing extremely well academically as well as developing wonderful interests out of school.

Tanda Tula (Pty) Ltd is still 100% responsible for our scholarship program, and although we carry the majority of costs, we are also reliant on generous donations. The contribution made by each guest who stays with us contributes to the sustainability of the scholarship program, we are extremely grateful and would like you to know that you all play a part in bettering the lives of these children.

We have taken this opportunity to introduce the students and showcase why each one of them represents a beacon of hope for the future of our beautiful country.

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