Welcome Monique To Our Tanda Tula Family

We are extremely excited to welcome Monique Moore to the Tanda Tula family, she will be for filling the role as our new Assistant Lodge Manager. Her big smile, funny jokes and charming disposition make her a real asset to our team. 

 Many of you may already know the lovely Monique from watching our Sofa Safari episodes over the past year, or because Chad Cocking is often referring to her. Yes, Monique is Chad’s, self-proclaimed, better half! It is wonderful to have the couple working together, this means no more late-night treks for Chad across the Timbavati to visit said girlfriend! 

Monique started her career in hospitality over eight years ago in the US, where she worked in a variety of positions in country clubs and 5-star hotels in Florida, New York and Rhode Island. For her this was the most unbelievable experience and she learnt more than she could ever have hoped for. However, the seasonal work, constant moving and lack of ability to grow and build herself up meant she started looking for a new challenge.  

 With that, a girl who never grew up knowing anything about the bush, arrived in the wild, untouched Africa we know as the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve. Luckily, something about the safari industry, nature and the beauty of the Greater Kruger Park really appealed to her and so she stuck around, luckily long enough to be swept off her feet by the charming Chad Cocking!  

Monique still loves to travel and next on her list is Bali, when on holiday she likes to go to the sea for a total change of scenery, but the culture, environment and yoga are also all big pull factors for this bucket list trip. We laughed when chatting about what Chad would do as we don’t think surfing or tanning are high on his list of holiday activities! 

Monique has a crazy love of fast food (sorry Ryan!), care for animals and a quirky sense of humour, but do not underestimate her organizational and management skills, we know what an asset Monique is going to be to our team. She has already identified that it is the magical team she works alongside that make Tanda Tula so special, and now she has added enthusiasm and her own magical ingredient. Welcome Monique, we can’t wait to do this journey together!