We say Hamba Kahle to a great couple

Out here in the Timbavati, living in these wild spaces, we learn very quickly that nothing is constant, life is full of change. As we see the inevitable comings and goings of the animals so too is it with our Tanda Tula team.  

This week we sadly waved goodbye to our incredible duo (now trio) Luke and Britt Street, along with their beautiful new son Lennon. After more than five years as an integral part of the Tanda Tula family they have decided to follow new adventures. 

Luke and Britt have both grown as individuals and in their careers during their time here. They have become well-loved members of the team, respected by their colleagues and admired by our many guests and followers.  

We know that many of the followers on our various social media platforms will sorely miss Luke’s incredible knowledge and scientific explanations about everything from birds to animals to trees. Not to mention the wonderful filming of our Sofa Safaris by Britt. These two were integral in the launch and success of our extremely famous virtual safaris that became known and loved by thousands of followers. Every day during hard lockdown last year they would be out scouring the plains for footage to show to safari addicts across the globe while they were holed up in their homes. For this we will all be forever grateful, thank you both so, so much. 

Your friends and colleagues will miss you and your smiling faces, you have both been an important part of day-to-day life and we are all extremely grateful for the continuous guidance you gave and relationships you maintained.  

As you head back to Johannesburg and begin an exciting new chapter in your lives, we know we will see you soon. Your love for this place is deeply instilled in you both and we cannot wait to welcome you back! 

Here is a short note from Nina and Don wishing you farewell: 

“6 years with you two has been amazing – a fantastic journey working with you and it’s been an absolute pleasure to watch you both grow into the highly competent, effective and super valuable professionals that you have both become.  You are both highly skilled, and more importantly multi skilled, individuals that will contribute remarkably to any business venture / career you both embark on. We are honoured to be able to say that you were part of forming Tanda Tula’s success and that you will always remain to be a fundamental part of the Tanda Tula family.  

No, this is not goodbye – this is “bon voyage” and we are always here for you both and darling Lennon.” 

Tanda Tula - Farewell to Britt and Luke