Viv waves Goodbye

It may have been ten years with us, but Viv has been in the Tourism industry for over 40. This marks the end of a great adventure for her, but she is excited to be taking things a bit slower, spending time with her grandson and she even has a few plans up her sleeve.

We had a beautiful farewell lunch under the trees to say goodbye, wish her well and hear some of her finest memories.


What has made your time at Tanda Tula special?

“I absolutely love the real family feeling you have when you are part of this team. No matter what you are always seen as a special person. On the journey I have had the opportunity to work alongside the most amazing team and learn from so many people who are so brilliant in so many different fields.

There have been so many hilarious times together, but what is so special for me is that there has always been an amazing camaraderie and support from the whole team. Everyone knows how to work together and lean on each other when you need it.

Over the years I have had to deal with so many different guests, people whose kindness touched my heart as well as some who almost made me pull my hair out. But the learning never ends, and I am leaving with far more beautiful friendships than when I arrived.”


As Nina points out, Viv joined the team at a stage when the business needed to grow, and Viv was an integral part of Tanda Tula’s development and expansion. Her knowledge along with her years of experience were instrumental in making the reservations department the success it is today.

They started in a tiny office where the internet was terrible, then she moved into camp for four months which gave Viv a whole different perspective and respect for all the people I work with and on the team. It was only when Lorraine joined reservations that they moved into our current offices.

What will be one of your favorite memories?

“I will never forget going to Indaba one year with Dolly and on the last day I took her to the aquarium to see her first real, live Dolphin, her namesake. This was honestly one of the most magical experiences of my life.”

Viv will be sorely missed, but we know it’s never goodbye, in a small town we are bound to see her lots.

Viv, we are extremely grateful for all the dedication, commitment, and love that you have poured into Tanda Tula, and for helping us get to where we are today. It has truly been an incredible journey and we are so glad you were here for such an integral part of the ride!