Video: Meet Vusi

Vusi Dlamini is part of the Tanda Tula Scholarship Program, working as an intern at the lodge while studying economics. What a lively, dynamic young man this is. He has added a spice to lodge life that invigorates us all. Vusi knows what he wants and his work ethic and drive are a constant inspiration to his colleagues.

It this zest for life that ignited the idea in Nina and Don Scott to support this young man and help him reach his goals through the Scholarship Program at Tanda Tula. Thank you Vusi for being part of ourĀ Tanda Tula familyand doing everything with such a fabulous attitude, we love being around someone who is so comfortable in their own skin and not only can we watch you grow, but you can teach us a thing or two, and one day bring us back that fabulous coffee!