Two Uniquely Enriching Safaris Merge

The Greater Kruger Region is an area as vast, as it is spectacular, abundant as any preserved wilderness space in Africa, if not more so. Just under 4 million hectares of integrated protected areas, make the Greater Kruger Region twice the size of the Maasi Mara and Serengeti Reserves combined; and more than one and half times that of the Okavango Delta. So, it goes without saying that the variety of wildlife, fauna, flora and topography is quite extraordinary from one end of this region to the other.

Having had the privilege to experience this unbelievable biodiversity ourselves, we want to share the opportunity with anyone visiting Tanda Tula, located in the Timbavati in the Central Greater Kruger area, to also be able to understand the magic of the Pafuri in the Northern Greater Kruger.

Tanda Tula and Pafuri Access Map


The Differences

It is with the extraordinary biodiversity, as well as vast experiential differences, in mind that we have created an incredible combination special between ourselves and Return Africa, based up in the Pafuri Region, the most Northern section of the Greater Kruger National Park. The two areas are so incredibly different, each offering unique and inspiring experiences, that by visiting them both you gain a true understanding of the magnificence of this part of South Africa and all the magic that it holds.

Experience a Tanda Tula Big 5 Safari

Tanda Tula is a safari company that has been around for 44 years. Our highly experienced and committed team operate in the heart of Big 5 country and here is the perfect place to start your combined safari experience. The Timbavati is well known for its high density of big cats, both large prides of lions and relaxed leopards, we are also fortunate enough to boast regular sightings of endangered Wild Dogs and Cheetah.

Tanda Tula lies in the Mixed Broadleaf Woodland Biome of the Greater Kruger, a landscape which is almost guaranteed to showcase the celebrated “Big 5”, as well as a wonderful array of other smaller species, a huge variety of birds and insects on the backdrop of spectacular savanna landscapes interlaced with large dry river systems.

Explore Scenically Beautiful Pafuri

Pafuri offers the rich ancestral heritage of the Makuleke Contractual National Park, this is an area of deep history and immense biodiversity. The region offers remarkable geological and natural heritage, which can be found in rock formations that are over 250 million years old. There is evidence of human history dating back to the Stone Age, and landmark archaeological sites from early civilisations.

Over and above this, there are natural wonders of immense flood plains, wildlife rich pans, extraordinary trees and forests, together with the apex predators of hyena and crocodiles, large herds of elephants and buffalo. The Sandveld Biome is also world renown as a bird watching paradise.

Pafuri Tented Camp - RETURN Africa

Pafuri Sundowners - Northern Kruger - RETURN Africa

The Similarities

Both Tanda Tula and Return Africa focus a huge amount of energy on community empowerment. The two impressively different safaris are also very similar in that they both celebrate Africa, offering journeys of discovery and transformation. Although so different, there are many parallels and in both destinations you will find yourself taking cognisance of the beauty and importance of these wild spaces in this huge Greater Kruger region.

The opportunity to experience and explore these two incredible safari destinations is truly a dream, as avid lovers of Africa and all her magical places we cannot recommend the combination of a Tanda Tula and Pafuri safari highly enough.