The Tanda Tula Foundation Journey

Since its establishment in 2013, the Tanda Tula Foundation has continuously evolved, adapting to the changing times and expanding its reach. Initially, our primary objective was to offer adult literacy classes to staff members with limited or no formal education. Among the 30 students enrolled, 50% were entirely illiterate. Today, these dedicated individuals are proficient in English, demonstrating remarkable progress in both reading and writing skills. 


In tandem with the adult literacy initiative, we introduced a Scholarship program aimed at providing education opportunities for the children of our staff members. This program has flourished, not only benefiting Tanda Tula kids but also extending its support to students from local communities. Currently, we have 6 scholars attending preparatory and college levels, 2 students pursuing higher education at universities, and 2 engaged in a work and study program within Tanda Tula. We have also provided higher learning opportunities to staff particularly in the Spa therapy training, sustainability management courses, continued field guide accreditations as well as revenue management and reservations courses.  


We are critically aware of the challenging educational landscape in our rural South African communities, where the standard of education is at an unprecedented low. With a youth unemployment rate in our local area of 63.9% among individuals aged 15-24, many young rural people face economic challenges which compound the difficulties in securing entry-level positions. This situation re-affirms our belief that the key to unlocking the potential of future generations lies in empowering them through quality education. 

The Foundation’s current focus is on preparing potential young employees aged 20 and older for the possibility of joining our team. We have initiated this effort by providing opportunities to the children of our long-serving staff members, who have been with us for over 20 years. These enthusiastic youngsters are eager to work and learn, but they face a barrier in effectively understanding and communicating in basic English. To address this challenge, we have hired an English teacher dedicated to providing them with the necessary training. These classes commenced in November of last year, with some great successes already evident. 


We are exceptionally proud of the work and successes the Foundation has achieved and we are committed to continuing the quality education journey for our Tanda Tula family and our local communities.