The icing on the cake

In our kitchen, we do not have one pastry chef. The talented team are led by Chef Ryan who is a master at desserts and other pastry items, but all the chefs have the opportunity to jump in and assist in this department.  Ruth Ubisi, however, has a particularly special place in her heart for making cakes, and is passionate about baking. So, when she approached us and asked to assist her in improving her skills, we couldn’t wait to support her and see what she would learn.

After Ruth did loads of research, we waved her off as she headed to Pretoria. Ruth went to work under the mentorship of Ntshovelo, a lady working out of her home in Gauteng who helps up-skill enthusiastic cake makers and decorators. Ruth’s favourite part of the course was decorating the cakes. She mentioned that even though she felt nervous seeing what everyone else was doing, she absolutely loved learning all the different methods as well as shaping the cakes.

There are many incredible aspects of Ruth’s journey, not only has she empowered herself to be more creative in the Tanda Tula Safari Campkitchen, but she has improved her own skills that she is able to share with the other chefs in the kitchen.

Tanda Tula - Ruth in the kitchen

Another exciting development, is what Ruth wants to do next. She is going to hopefully start her own business selling these beautiful cakes within her community. She has already successfully sold quite a few. Her long-term goal is to start giving classes within her own community so that she can pass on what she has learnt and further up-skill people living around her.

Tanda Tula - Ruth with a cake she baked

For us, this is such an inspiring story, and it really is a case of paying it forward.  Ruth wanted to improve her skills, we lent a helping hand and now she feels so empowered that she wants to help others do the same, this is what it is all about! Working together, growing and uplifting members from our surrounding communities, believing in people and helping them fulfil their dreams. Well done Ruth, we are SO proud of everything you have achieved and all the exciting opportunities that lie ahead.