That Safari Feeling

Why do so many people find themselves yearning to go on a safari and experience Africa even if they have never experienced it before? The fact that there is not one real answer is partly what makes it so powerfully interesting and attractive.

It is almost impossible to measure the deep connection between nature and the human spirit. Nature’s true worth cannot be measured in economic terms nor scientific ones, how do you measure what nature really means to different individuals? The true strength of nature can only be understood through experience and what better way than by being on safari in the African bush.

While on safari there are such intense feelings and emotions that are conjured up, they become unforgettable and even, possibly, addictive. Whether the thrill is in the moment or only when you have returned home, some of the memories of your safari experience can conjure up the strongest feelings of euphoria, making you long to return to those wild spaces.

The safari experience can reignite your soul, bringing about immense feelings of inner joy and creating a sense of wellness. Safari is therapeutic on the most very basic level. In a world where we are prone to take so much for granted, we often forget the importance of being in an environment that may not actually bestow tangible goods, but rather gifts us in the form of beauty, sanctity, and sensory awakening.

There are so many things to fall in love with while out in nature: wide open spaces, sunsets, birdsong, starlit skies, an array of creatures or the feeling of the African sun’s warmth. All the while there is this underlying deep sense that maybe you have returned to a place you actually evolved from.

It is a huge challenge to even attempt at narrowing it down to a single reason for the connection we feel to the natural environment on safari and why we have this deep longing for it. It seems only once you have experienced the joy of a safari will you be able to find a good emotional comparison.