Self-Connection Created at our New Wellness Spaces

At the heart of the Tanda Tula experience lies the quest for connection – with nature, with fellow explorers, and with oneself. The enchanting natural surroundings of Safari Camp coupled with our warm and hospitable staff effortlessly facilitate the first two connections, while the third is easily achieved by indulging in a rejuvenating escape at our newly designed spa. 

This intimate haven serves as the epitome of relaxation, promising to bring harmony and tranquillity to both body and mind. Our approach to wellness transcends conventional approaches, delivering a personalized and holistic rejuvenation tailored to each guest’s unique needs. The spa menu, thoughtfully curated to harmonize with the serenity of the wilderness, infuses a sense of peace and vibrant energy into all treatments, revitalizing and nurturing our guests. 

Portia, our spa therapist, has a gentle nature, her serene demeanour contributes to the creation of a genuinely peaceful environment for our guests to unwind. Don’t let Portia’s soft exterior fool you—her massage skills are both powerful and sensitive, leaving you with an unforgettable sense of relaxation. 

Adjacent to the spa, a fully equipped gym awaits, offering panoramic views of the camp dam and the surrounding bush. This allows visitors to stay connected with the wildlife as they engage in their workout routine.