Our impact

Big impact. Light tread.
A better world.


We are a collective of lodges contributing to 100 000 hectares of wilderness protection. Every Tanda Tula guest forms part of this collective of people contributing to wildlife and community impact projects.


It’s how we conduct business. It’s how we treat people. It’s our ethos.

We’re proud of our long-standing reputation for creating a positive change in tourism and conservation. And the standard we have set by investing at every level in our wildlife, land protection, and community initiatives. We’re even prouder of the people who have journeyed with us.


Conservation levies make up a significant portion of the revenues of the Private Nature Reserves in which we operate. This funds security and wildlife guardianship. Ecological management. And we contribute to numerous conservation projects in the Greater Kruger area.


We're passionately committed to developing people through The Tanda Tula Foundation. As our guest, you support this foundation to provide educational opportunities and scholarships to bright young minds.


We form part of a group of lodges developing a hyper-local supply chain link between community businesses and the safari industry in our area. This creates sustainability. Provides opportunities. Changes lives.

Your impact in numbers


R 575 per person per night goes to funding operations in the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve, with 10% going to the Timbavati Foundation.

R 150 per person per night – goes towards the Tanda Tula Foundation for scholarships, adult literacy, and healthcare services.

Read more about our sustainability levies and the projects we support here.


We use WEEVA as our sustainability management platform to hold ourselves accountable. We’ve set ambitious targets. High standards. Actionable steps that, together, have a significant impact.

Fair Trade

We are proud to be part of the Fair Trade Tourism network of passionate, inspiring tourism leaders in southern Africa. Like all Fair Trade establishments, we have embraced the need to improve tourism and are fully committed to Fair Trade Tourism principles.