Mr. Pastry: Gerhard Erasmus

We are very excited about having a new set of skilled hands in our pastry kitchen. Well, new is a relative term, Gerard has already been part of the Tanda Tula team for over 6 months, where did the time go, we must wonder!

This young, talented chef was born and bred in Pretoria and fell in love with cooking when he was a little boy, spending hours in the kitchen with his mum. By her side, he slowly started learning the ropes and a real love for food, particularly pastry was instilled.

His mother is famous amongst their family and friends for her vegetable soup and every time she makes it everyone in the neighborhood comes around for a bowl. One would presume then that Gerard’s last dish on earth would have to be said soup, but in fact, if pushed to make this decision his answer was adamantly a carrot cake!

Gerard studied at CTIA (Chefs Training Innovation Academy) for a year and a half, specializing in pastry. He loves this section of the kitchen pastry because it is so precise, he enjoys measuring and how much pastry allows him to experiment and play.

When asked why a moved from the big city to Tanda Tula and the Greater Kruger region he explained that he has always loved the bush and wanted a quieter life while still doing what he loves.

Gerard is young and very talented in the kitchen, but he also knows that the world out there is waiting to be explored. His dream one day is to explore Europe and then New Zealand. He is particularly keen to go to France to experience and see all the architecture and history, but especially those pastries! And would also like to go to New Zealand simply for its natural beauty, also to watch their rugby He is a big All Blacks fan) and possibly to get a tattoo.

It is very exciting for us to have a dedicated person in the pastry department and although Chef Ryan still gets involved occasionally he is fully behind Gerard and cheering him on as he creates the most incredible breads, cakes, and desserts!