More than a guest, family

Carol Baber is one of our many repeat guests – she comes back often to a place she knows and loves. We are thrilled every time she arrives because we love seeing familiar faces and are only so happy to welcome her back. We asked Carol why she loves her time at Tanda Tula.

“I first visited Tanda Tula in 2009 with my late husband to celebrate my 50th birthday and I think I knew immediately what a special place it is. From the warm welcome by the wonderful staff, the secluded, intimate setting above the riverbed, the incredibly comfortable tents, the amazing food and of course the abundance of game, I have been made to feel as if I’m part of a very special family.

Friends have often said “never go back to the same place” “why don’t you go somewhere different” and my answer is always the same: “because Tanda Tula feels like home!”. Seeing familiar faces there after so many years was a joy and is a testament to the way this camp is run by Nina and Don Scott. They have an incredibly loyal and happy group of people working there which comes across to visitors in the relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

My most recent visit saw me traveling alone, not an easy thing to do, but being back at Tanda Tula suddenly felt like the most perfect place to be. It didn’t matter that I was on my own, I could quite comfortably sit by myself at the bar and not feel like the odd one out or suddenly find myself a part of an eclectic group of people including many members of staff, talking, laughing, sharing elephant stories and I was at ease. I think I realised I could be myself.

So, 10 years after first staying at Tanda Tula I can honestly say that apart from my home, it is my favourite place in the world. It holds special memories of my first visit with my husband, it’s somewhere I can feel close to him, it’s my happy place!”