Lorraine, our reservation fashionista

The Tanda Tula office in Hoedspruit would be a far less glamorous, voguish place if we did not have Lorraine Kubayi here. More importantly, though, our reservations would not operate as smoothly and efficiently without her around either!

Lorraine started working at Tanda Tula four years ago joining our reservations team after years of incredible work experience at well-known and respected establishments giving her an outstanding foundation. She has been employed at lodges, transfer companies, hotels, shops and even at a doctor’s rooms.

But now she is finally home. Lorraine says: “Working at Tanda Tula feels like being in a place where I belong, and this is where my heart is. The office is such fun, I love working with other dynamic women, meeting incredible guests over the phone, getting to know agents better and especially developing relationships with our return guests.”

We all also love working with Lorraine, because every single day she looks like a million dollars and definitely maintains the high safari fashion standards around here. But also, this beautiful woman’s gentle and consistent demeanor has a calming effect on the rest of the team, which sometimes we need!

Lorraine is absolutely mad about motorbike sports and if she is not at work you will find her on the back of a motorbike in her leathers, annually she travels to Swaziland for the big bike rally. She is also an amazing seamstress and in the office, we all rely on her heavily for any alterations or sewing needs we have!

Lesego is her beloved daughter who is everything in her life: “she is my bundle of joy and the light of my life”. Lesego, the first Tanda Tula Scholarshipstudent, is already following in her mum’s footsteps as she continues to grow and do brilliantly at school and is quite the fashionista herself.

We all love working with this talented woman and she is an integral part of the Tanda Tula operation, so thank you, Lorraine, for your consistent energy, super sewing skills, and style inspiration daily.