Kunavelela community garden project

Across the globe, people are becoming more and more aware of the benefits of fresh, organic vegetables and the need to nourish our own greens wherever possible. But for some people growing your own vegetables has always been a way of life.

Kunavelela Community Project has helped take this concept to the next level for some members of their local community. Kunavelela is a registered non-profit charity which was started in 1997 by Harry and Smiling Ubisis, two of Tanda Tula’s famous barmen. They started this project in order “to encourage hope” in their rural community, Hluvukani. The vegetable garden has been a large focus area for Kunavelela and, in turn, has been hugely successful.

The incredibly productive and inspiring vegetable garden grows a variety of vegetables and herbs, all nurtured and loved by members of the local community. The garden has enabled a few members of the community to grow enough food to feed, not only, their own extended families, but also other people living in the area as well. There are very few working adults in the village where the garden is located, so growing their own vegetables has given these individuals a daily purpose, as well as created a means of feeding themselves.

With the money raised by Harry and Smiling’s project, often from guests visiting Tanda Tula, the garden area has been completely fenced off, keeping goats and cattle at bay. In addition, a few farming implements, seeds, and other necessary equipment were also purchased. All the vegetables are planted and watered by hand, water comes from a borehole with a pump which Tanda Tula donated.

Going forward Kunuvelela would like to focus on raising further funds for small-scale poultry farming which will provide additional sources for income, employment, and food supplies. Community gardens such as this one, need constant attention and funding, we have such huge admiration for Smiling and Harry and the changes they are helping make in their community and so proud of the work they do. You can read more about the other projects they are part of on their website.