Keeping our Footprint Sustainable

At Tanda Tula we are committed to having the smallest possible impact on our environment. We try to integrate our camps with nature as much as possible by using eco-friendly and bio-degradable solutions.

Today, we celebrate Sustainability Day. We have decided to share some of the measures we have taken to keep our footprint light and be as sustainable as possible.

  • We have implemented a bulk supply of clean mineral water, which has allowed us to move away from plastic bottles of mineral water (still and sparkling).
  • We encourage guests to be aware of water consumption.
  • We recycle “grey water” and do regular ground water testing.
  • We use ecological detergents and cleaning agents.
  • We have energy efficient lighting throughout the lodge and our team’s homes.
  • We have double layer geyser insulation to reduce heat loss.
  • We use solar water heating where possible.
  • We recycle tins, paper, plastics, glass and kitchen oil.
  • We recycle biodegradable foodstuffs to local community farmers.
  • We purchase and supplement our firewood from alien species to avoid using wood found in the immediate environment.
  • We minimise the number of game drive vehicles to reduce our impact on the wilderness.
  • We have strict game drive protocols to minimise off-road driving in sensitive areas.
  • We rehabilitate the bush after all off-road sightings.
  • We contribute to reserve management by assisting with erosion-site rehabilitation.
  • We shut down obsolete dams and rehabilitate those areas.
  • We have close working relationships with the researchers in the Greater Kruger.
  • We have team training programs for recycling and litter management and how this benefits the environment.
  • We monitor and constantly implement systems to reduce the use of plastic in our supply chain.
  • We buy locally where possible to minimise our supply chain carbon footprint.