Keeping it in the Tanda Tula Family

We welcome a few fresh faces to Tanda Tula Safari Camp, although they are not strangers to our family. Our commitment to keeping things within the family extends to our recruitment process, and each of the new team members has close ties with individuals already part of the Tanda Tula family. 

Our approach to supporting the broader community involves taking care of our own. In our recruitment efforts, we prioritize interviewing and meeting the relatives of our existing staff. This practice demonstrates our loyalty to those who have demonstrated love and dedication to Tanda Tula over the years. 

Tinyiko & Zandile 

Otherwise known as Nyiko, this young man joined Tanda Tula over a year ago and is working alongside his mother, Zandile. She has been working in the waitering department for over 10 years, so he could not ask for a better mentor. 

Nyiko finished school in 2018 and then went to college to study mechanical engineering. He managed to complete N1 but struggled with N2 and was forced to drop out. One day, he would love to have the opportunity to go back and complete the mechanical engineering course. However, he is in no hurry, and right now he is happy to be at Tanda Tula. After he was forced to drop out, he stayed at home for a long time doing nothing. He felt it was very depressing, and so having a job now gives him a feeling of purpose and makes him get up each day with a spring in his step. 

Nyiko’s father also used to work at Tanda Tula, he was a tracker named Isaac, who sadly passed away in 2015. This meant that growing up in the village, he was responsible for his younger brother while both his parents were here working. However, he often came to visit over school holidays, which is why Tanda Tula has always been a second home to him!  

Believe & Bishop 

Meet the lovely and gentle Believe. Another product of two parents who have been part of the Tanda Tula family for a combination of almost 50 years! Her mother, Goodness, worked in various departments, including housekeeping and scullery, before retiring last year. While her father is the well-known and much-loved chef, Bishop, who is also one of the lasting pillars of strength in camp. 

This is Believe’s first official job, she started just before we moved into our newly renovated Safari Camp, hence she was involved with all the exciting stuff from the very beginning. It has been a wonderful learning experience for her in a waitressing role, and she is extremely happy when she is at work.  

Believe finished school in 2017 and then went to study business, but sadly never managed to get a break in the workplace. During her years at home, she had two beautifully little boys, and in a change of roles, her children are now at home, being looked after by her mum, Goodness, while she comes to work at Tanda Tula. Her dream is to earn enough money so that one day she can build a house for her children and be there to spend time with them. 

Allied, Formen & Portia 

Most of you probably know Allied already, he was one of the first Tanda Tula Foundation scholars and the first to officially finish his school career.  This has been his home since he can remember! 

Formen, his dad, is the most incredible role model, and it seems only natural that he would be working at Tanda Tula with him and job shadowing.   Allied is involved in several departments and helps out in the bar, with front of house, as well as in the maintenance department. When work is a bit quieter, this talented photographer still tries to get out to snap some shots. Soon, he is also going to start with his guide training and FAGASA courses. 

Portia, Allied’s mum, also works at Tanda Tula, she heads up the spa. His younger brother, Jayden, is still part of the scholarship program, and they all live at Tanda Tula, so this really is work that is kept in the family!