K is in the Kitchen! 

When Kgaugelo arrived in the Tanda Tula kitchen 2 years ago, Chef Ryan had a really hard time pronouncing her name, quickly he renamed her K. This beautiful young woman has now become a permanent member of our team, she is constantly growing and learning and we love having her smiling face around camp and look forward to seeing what she produces in the kitchen as time goes on. 

  • Where are you from? 

I grew up outside Polokwane, then moved closer to the big city in 2016. I did my post-graduate studies near Pretoria at Chef’s Training & Innovation Academy. After completing the 2-year course I was placed at Tanda Tula for a 3-month internship in 2019. Then came back last year in March as a freelance chef and have now been offered a permanent position in the kitchen.  

  • How did you know you wanted to work in the kitchen? 

I started cooking at a very young age, about 10 years old. I was left with some cousins who were living with us, they were both disabled and unable to make food for themselves. None of my parents were home so I realized I had to make them some food and that is how it started. When I got to High School I chose Consumer Studies as one of my subjects, in this we had lessons on how to cook, but my parents were not happy with me. They did not believe I could make a career out of this cooking that I loved so much. But, I went on to study food and catering further and now here I am with a wonderful job at Tanda Tula.  

  • What part of cooking in the Tanda Tula kitchen do you love the most? 

I have studied pastry and culinary arts, but since being at Tanda Tula I have fallen in love with the hot kitchen. I love to work with dishes including meat, it allows me to try new things and experiment 

  • What is one thing Chef Ryan has taught you? 

I am who I am because of Chef Ryan. He kept persisting and calling me to come back. At first, it was not easy working with Chef Ryan, but now we know each other and work well together, he has taught me so much and his ongoing belief in me gives me the strength to be where I am today.  

  • What is your biggest challenge? 

Working here in the bush is always interesting and different and I am so far from my family. However, I also realize that my life is here now and the Tanda Tula team has become my family.