Joining Our Journey: Martin Daniels

Having grown up on the slightly riskier side of Cape Town it seems only natural that this chef is always after a new and exciting adventure. This is Martin’s first chef job in a safari lodge, but he wanted to experience something new, something thrilling, something that allowed him to follow his passion for traveling and exploring.

This young man’s interest in food came from his mother (it usually does!). As a teenager, Martin was studying music, but then he realized how much he enjoyed cooking at home and how he seemed to be quite good at it. So, he started turning his energy and concentration more into the kitchen and decided to explore his options in the field of cuisine.

Straight after school, he went to do a 3-year course in hospitality, then became a freelance chef. This was an amazing opportunity to work in a huge number of different kitchens for a variety of jobs, he did everything from being a private chef for a world-famous boy’s band to catering for the suites at the Rugby World Cup.

It was only natural that he immediately fell in love with the wild spaces the Timbavati offers, but what took Martin most by surprise was how wonderful everyone he has met in the Greater Kruger area has been. He says it is as though everyone has a place where they belong, and they are content. There seems to be a wonderful vibe wherever he goes and for him, this is the perfect time and opportunity to reignite his love of adventure and travel.

Out here, away from the city hustle and bustle, Martin has had to learn to be away from society, but calmly he explains he is happy in his own company, and he thinks that often it is solitude we all need the most. So, in reality, it is only the heat he has had to adapt to!

From the kitchen side, he is super excited to be part of the new Safari Camp which opens in May. Martin has been part of all the planning and preparation and now it’s time to do what the Tanda Tula chefs do best, go into their space and create magical food experiences…

(One of the recent additions to our lunch menu is Martin’s famous Watermelon & Halloumi salad. This will soon be featured as one of the recipes so keep your eyes open!)