Jayden Graduates

Today was super exciting for Jayden Mathebula, Formen’s youngest son, who had his big graduation ceremony. He will be moving up from the pre-school and will be joining all his friends in Grade 1 at Southern Cross Schools next year. There was a beautiful and very passionate graduation assembly where each child was given an award for their strength and emotional growth throughout the year. Every individual was acknowledged for their personal development and unique characteristics.

Jayden received the Nyala award which was given to him for being gentle, kind and a loyal friend. Incredible recognition for a set of very important life skills which are continuously shown by Jayden to all his peers. We are so proud of all the things he has learnt and continues to shower upon everyone he comes into contact with. His smile is totally contagious!

Tanda Tula - Jayden's awards

This friendly, young and inquisitive member of the Tanda Tula Scholarship Foundationhas really proved the benefits of this level of foundational education. He is like a sponge, absorbing everything from his surroundings, and continues to amaze us with everything he is learning.

Jayden was also awarded for swimming, a physical challenge which he has learnt to love and continues to show improvement in! 2019 has truly been a year of great growth and strengthening for this young learner – he is always so enthusiastic and loves to come home and tell dad all about his day at school and what he discovered or built.

Holidays are definitely not lost on Jayden – he absolutely loves attending Natalie’s adult literacy classes where he sits quietly at the back colouring in and enjoying the classroom environment. There will also be a Tanda Tula holiday school program run by Natalie for all the staff kids visiting their parents over the festive season. Jayden will be sure to bring his friendly nature and enthusiasm to these creative classes too.

Well done Jayden, we are so proud of your wonderful achievements!