Igniting the Romance on a Safari Honeymoon

Africa is home to an abundance of romantic and adventurous experiences, perfect for honeymoons… and possibly the dreamiest holiday of your life.

A Tanda Tula honeymoon will allow you to share unforgettable moments and life changing experiences, bringing you closer and creating a deeper connection to one another.

Escape the clutter of everyday life

Being together in the wide-open spaces of the Timbavati, surrounded by the stillness of nature, allows you to celebrate your devotedness while escaping the noise of your everyday life. These wild areas also offer an unrivalled privacy, giving you and your partner the opportunity to truly be together uninterruptedly.

The romance of being immersed in nature and enjoying all the quiet beauty surrounding you means you can escape the stress of your normal existence, breath in the clean, fresh air and take time to truly connect with yourself and each other.

Gentle rhythm of safari life

Between our two daily game drives there is time to relax, enjoy the warmth of the African sunshine, relish the slowing down of time. Our relaxed routine is the same everyday which means you quickly take on the calming rhythm of bush life.

When you are shrouded in so much natural splendor and stillness your whole nervous system calms down and your senses start to sharpen. You are awakened by your environment, sharing magical moments on game drive or during a bush walk or even in our gorgeous camp.

Indulge yourselves

A honeymoon should be a bucket list destination, a place that will create a multitude of memories and experiences that you will want to revisit again and again in your future.

We will indulge you with unique and incredible safari experiences: Romantic, candlelit dinners, outside showers, delicious breakfasts in the bush, dinners by the outside fire under the starry African sky.

With our fabulous Honeymoon special there is no better place to start your lifetime adventure together. What could be more romantic and unforgettable than enjoying a glass of wine, while watching the sunset over the wild spaces of this magnificent landscape?