A 2021 Update

Over the course of 2021 the Tanda Tula Scholarship Fund children have all taken part in various sport, academic, cultural, and environmental projects and activities. They are incredibly lucky to attend such a unique and special school, which acknowledges and highlights the individual characteristics of each child, not to mention the amazing environment where Southern Cross Schools is found.


  • This smiley little fellow is off to “big school” next year as he joins Grade 1. He will be leaving the Pre-school and moving up to the first year of the Southern Cross Schools Prep-school
  • He has had a great year academically, as well as really enjoying outdoor time in the playground with his friends. It has been wonderful for his teachers to watch him grow and mature.
  • Sikhumbuzo received the Alligator Award in his final assembly. This was given to him for his strength. No matter what comes his way, he takes challenges head on and always puts in the effort to ensure he has a successful outcome. What a wonderful award to receive, we are incredibly proud of the youngest member of our Foundation.


  • This firecracker is shooting straight into Grade 3 at SCS Prep-school. His zealous nature and enthusiastic approach to everything he does has stood him in good stead over the past year!
  • 2021 was a good year for Jayden. He has progressed well both in the classroom and on the sporting fields, and his enthusiasm for the bush lore classes is also worth noting.
  • Jayden received the Rhino Award at the end of term. This award is given to a child who shows wonderful enthusiasm and always makes a great effort to help others in any way they can.


  • The lovely lady amongst the gents has blossomed into a kindhearted, quiet, and diligent young woman. She is going into her second last year in the SCS Prep-school.
  • Lesego passed all her exams and continues to show herself to be a hardworking and diligent member of our Foundation. When there is work to be done, she gets on with it. She coped especially well at the beginning of the year with the online schooling.
  • A beautiful Milky Way Award was given to Lesego which acknowledged her kindness and gentle nature. Well done!


  • Vutomi’s mad love for soccer continues to prevail with this young man. If he can find a way to relate something to the sport he definitely will.
  • He has passed the year and will be going into Grade 6 at SCS from the beginning of 2022.
  • Vutomi received a wonderful award for “Most improved Drummer” at the final assembly. It is great to see him finding a passion in something other than soccer!


  • This incredible boy has grown into a wonderful, kind young man. Next year, he will be moving through to his first year in senior school as he joins the College at SCS in Grade 8.
  • Having completed this year in the online Brainline class at SCS, Expect has overcome his challenges with hard work and by applying himself to the areas that needed some more work. We are very proud to see how he has matured and taken the challenges head on.
  • At the final assembly, Expect deservedly received the Lion Award, a wonderful trophy given to a learner who shows immeasurable tenacity.


  • It seems totally unbelievable that this fine young man is moving into his final year at SCS. He passed all his exams and has coped very well with the new hybrid College online system that SCS have run from Jan 2021.
  • Allied was made a Crux leader for 2022, which means he will be working closely with other members of the College to constantly voice the needs and suggestions of the learners at his school. This is a great honour.
  • Allied’s passion for photography continues to grow and he is really tweaking his skills – his images just keep getting better and better. Make sure you follow his personal Instagram account to see what he is producing: @allied_mathebula_photography_

Reloef Khoza who is the Aeronautical university student we help support along with  Wild Philanthropy, a sister charity of the tour operator Journeys By Design, has also had a really successful year.

  • Reloef is finishing his final year in Aerospace Engineering at Wits University. What is really exciting about this is that it has opened doors for him not only in the South African aerospace industry, but also in the Data Science industry that he has become increasingly interested in.
  • On finishing this year, he will be spending the next year delving into Data Science more as the industry has been seeking talent from the top engineering faculties in South Africa.
  • Having shown immense tenacity in achieving his goals in engineering, against some very tough circumstances, Reloef is sure to make a success of his future.