Food baskets for our community

This week, Dale headed out to Hlokomelain order to collect over 50 food baskets which he, Formen and Glen then proceeded to distribute amongst members of our surrounding local communities through our Tanda Tula team members. Tourism has been at the forefront of this pandemic and with so many members of these communities having lost most or their entire income during these awful times contributions like this go an extremely long way to changing lives.

Tanda Tula - Thabo helping to distribute food

We have to thank both the Tshembo Africa Foundationand Hlokomelafor making these incredible food baskets available for so many people in need. The Tshembo Africa Foundation grew out of the emergence of COVID-19, and was developed in order to draw awareness and raise funds to help support the symbiotic relationship between conservation and communities. #walkingforhope was an initiative started by two extremely well known local guides, Bruce Lawson and Sean Patrick. Their aim was to raise funds by walking 150 km each around their perspective homes during lockdown in South Africa. They did this with 18kg backpacks purely to raise funds for the communities in need (Bruce went on to walk 1000kms). They inspired so many people across the globe that consequently 54 people in 14 countries joined them in this incredibly meaningful journey to raise funds and awareness.  #walkingforhope is on going and everyday more people are joining in order to help raise funds and awareness for those in real need.

Tanda Tula - food basket team marching

The beneficiary for Tshembo Africa Foundation and #walkingforhope is the Hlokomela Herb Garden Community Wellness Mission.Hlokomela is an NPO with whom Tanda Tula has worked with closely and supported over many years. They help provide health care services to many lodge staff  throughout the Greater Kruger Park region, and the Herb Garden grows herbs, vegetables and some fruit which in turn they supply to the lodges.  Due to COVID-19 all these lodges are currently closed, which gave rise to the newly launched, not-for-profit project, the Community Wellness Mission. Their mission is to provide whole food baskets which comprise of a diverse range of locally grown, wholesome, nutrient dense food to those in need, beginning with the vulnerable members of our community.

Tanda Tula - food baskets for the community Hoedspruit

We are so grateful for the amazing work that so many people have done and are still doing; the blood, blisters and tears (we are sure there have been many). Tanda Tula will continue to do what we can in order to support the members of our community most in need, if you would like to make your own personal contribution the link is below:

Community Wellness Mission

Tanda Tula - food basket collection by community members

Tanda Tula - food baskets distribution

Tanda Tula - food parcel distribution in South Africa

Tanda Tula - food parcels being shared amongst the community