Find out all about Dolly’s real name….

Dolly’s real namesake, Dolphin, holds a deeply personal and poignant story. Her mother’s experience with dolphins during a crucial time in her life left a lasting impact, leading her to name her daughter after these remarkable sea creatures.

Dolly’s mother faced a significant challenge with her eyes and eventually lost partial vision at a young age. Seeking treatment for her condition, she traveled to Johannesburg, where she had an encounter with dolphins. It was during this encounter that she came to terms with the fact that she would be blind for the rest of her life. Despite the difficult circumstances, she was profoundly moved by the beauty and grace of these aquatic animals.

The connection she felt with the dolphins was so profound that she decided to name her daughter Dolphin, symbolizing the enduring memory of that transformative time in her life. Dolly’s mother continues to live with blindness, while Dolly herself carries the name as a tribute to her mother’s extraordinary experience.

As Dolly interacts with guests at Tanda Tula, she often receives inquiries about her unique name. This allows her to share the touching story behind it, allowing others to appreciate the beauty and significance of her namesake.