Field Camp’s sensory connection

Seldom are we given the opportunity to connect with our environment by exposing our emotional and physical beings completely to the elements. Allowing nature to take hold of us and guide us to a place where all our senses are heightened. A place where silence can be deafening, and fear and joy run together like a raging river. Tanda Tula Field Camp is a walking safari experience which gifts one with just some of these treasures.

I don’t want to tell you what Field Camp doesn’t offer (WIFI, aircon, flushing toilets!), but rather describe the inspiring transformation that takes place within you after walking and sleeping out in the heart of the Timbavati.

This is the raw edge of an African safari. You can allow yourself to gently succumb to the beautiful environment, but without ever letting down your guard for nature can be severely inhospitable when you least expect it. You are forced from your comfort zone. Scary? Absolutely. Enlightening? Completely. Worth it? Few places allow you to feel the joy of freedom in quite the same way. This hyper sensory experience will confront your perceptions and leave you wondering how you lived fully before this taste of wildness.

While walking the animal paths of the Greater Kruger region your mind will calm and you will go into an almost meditative state, absorbing the sounds and smells around you. Walking allows you to truly touch the earth gently, humbled by the surrounding beauty and respectful of its creatures, big and small. With nature by your side you will take on her stories and learn from her deep knowledge, all the while allowing you time to reflect and re-connect with yourself. This experience is one which exhilarates all your senses. Physically, it is challenging, emotionally it pushes you from contentment to apprehension, joy to fear, frustration to gratitude, all the while expanding your understanding as you learn about the incredible natural surroundings – the trees, plants, insects and animals.

Be brave. Let go of your fears and challenge yourself. Come and feel the rhythm of real Africa and explore this journey of simplicity. Field Camp will remind you how to be present, conscious of the smaller things and all the while awakening your emotional and physical awareness – giving you space for self-discovery.

Tanda Tula Field Camp - guests and Ant admiring the beauty of wildlife on foot

Tanda Tula Field Camp - walking safari in the Timbavati