Field Camp: An Intuitive, Sensory Safari

Walking in the wild spaces of the Timbavati facilitates a reawakening allowing you to experience your body in a renewed way. By slowing down and being consciously present, a deeper connection to the earth will take place, you will unwind and reconnect. 

Field Camp is an adventurous experience that brings about change, by stripping away modern life conveniences and replacing these with simpler comforts.

Over time the chaotic symphony of everyday life numbs our senses until they become dull and dormant. By allowing yourself to be truly one with nature you will discover how your senses are restored, the body never forgets this innate sense of connection to the earth. 


Perhaps at first the silence seems deafening, but only until you start to really listen introducing you to this new environment. Then you will hear the wind in the trees, maybe a distant whoop of a hyena. While out exploring you naturally and slowly begin to gain respect for the surrounding noises and their meanings. You will find yourself starting to attune to nature, listening for alarm calls from birds or animals, all telling the stories of this wilderness.  

Tanda Tula - Timbavati - South Africa


You will most likely be expecting to see the bigger creatures, but what may take you by surprise is how you start to visualise things differently and how the sight of something seemingly innocuous can bring about huge joy and respect. Take note of the light and how it constantly evolves, follow the animal tracks with your eyes, learning to interpret their behavior. Allow the starlit night sky to engulf you, grounding and reminding you of our insignificance in this beautiful world.  

Tanda Tula - Timbavati - South Africa


Dawn brings the welcome fragrance of a smokey wood fire and freshly brewed coffee inviting you out of tentYour sense of smell is rekindled, inviting a kaleidoscope of aromas, previously unnoticed. The fresh smell of the dew on the earth accompanied by scented, wild grasses creates a sense of peace and well-being. Deep inhalations and exhalations further stimulate this inherent wisdom our bodies carry and allow your nervous system to slow-down, unwind and gain a deeper level of consciousness.  

Tanda Tula - Timbavati - South Africa


Placing one foot in front of the other, in a gentle, rhythmic manner, you become aware of the feeling of the earth below you. You pass your fingers through the soft grasses and run your hand over the worn elephant rubbing post, gaining a deeper connection to nature. But there are also the camp luxuries, the soothing warm water to wash your face brought to your tent with your dawn wake-up call, the comforting feather duvet when you snuggle down to rest.

Tanda Tula - Timbavati - South Africa


Lastly, your sense of taste becomes heightened as you appreciate gifts such as freshly baked bread, the ice-cold beer when you return from an afternoon walk, delicious meals cooked over open coals. Gratitude fills your being as you come to realise the incredible responsive of your palate to the simplest of flavours. 

Tanda Tula - Timbavati - South Africa

Sensory Safari  

As the custodians of these wild spaces, we need to immersive ourselves in nature to discover real balance in our personal existence. We can only truly nurture our sensory talents once we have found a real connection through shedding our layers.  There is no better place to begin a transformation than in these remote wilderness areas of the Greater Kruger when you have the opportunity to experience a quiet and real connection to our earth and self.  

Experience your own transformation at Tanda Tula Field Camp, our guided, connected walking safaris will gift you with the ability to celebrate your heightened senses. This tranquil place will leave you forever changed. 

Field Camp - Tanda Tula - Timbavati