Feel the ground beneath your feet….

To truly immerse yourself in the essence of an African safari—the smells, sounds, and the raw wilderness of these pristine areas —step out of the vehicle and venture closer.

In the heart of the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve, Tanda Tula safaris emphasize the intimate connection with nature and your surroundings, we believe a unique way to truly experience this is on foot. Walking through the wild differs vastly from game drives; feeling the earth beneath your feet offers a fresh perspective on your environment.

Although our focus is on safaris from a vehicle we try to give all our guests the opportunity to see this environment from ground level, to experience and see Africa in a different and authentic light. There is no doubt that setting foot into these untamed landscapes unveils a world of peculiar, exhilarating, and unforeseen encounters. Being enveloped in a place where humanity originated, and sensing the environment as our ancestors did, can have a profound impact your well-being, something we witness time and again with our guests. Every small wonder becomes captivating.

Let’s not forget that walking safaris represent the original essence of safari and, in many respects, embody the purest form of exploring the Greater Kruger region. Stepping away from the comfort of a vehicle heightens your senses, making the bush feel more real.

Your guide serves as a compass, deciphering the environment and the creatures encountered during the bushwalk. Engaging with animals on their terms as a participant in their world often proves more enriching than mere observation. It’s a deeply humbling experience, awakening a sense of vitality and encouraging appreciation for the nuances of the environment.

So, when you next visit Tanda Tula, consider joining a walk after breakfast or, better yet, start your early morning safari experience on foot, indulging in a few hours of early dawn exploration. Prepare to be astonished by the awakening and connected experience that awaits you.