Earring Masterpieces

When our beaded earrings from Philippa Frencharrived, we were floored. Not only by these incredibly beautiful, jaw “droppingly” gorgeous artworks, but also because the quality of beads and workmanship is so outstanding. It’s just fantastic to find community projects that produce this level of craftsmanship, all the while appreciating the fact that community members were uplifted through the production process.

Philippa Yorke-Smith, owner of Philippa French, works very closely with the Hillcrest AIDS Centre Trust in Durban, South Africa. Each artisan Philippa works with is either directly or indirectly affected by HIV/AIDS within their family structure.

In comes Tholo, a smiling and beautiful lady who single-handedly created these artworks for us. She has been working alongside Philippa for a while now, and with her guidance and care Tholo has been producing some of the most incredible pieces of beaded jewellery.

Tanda Tula - Tholo, the jeweller in Durban, South Africa

A large section of Philippa’s business is in the export of such beaded accessories, all over the world. In some cases, Philippa works with international designers and has their designs made up locally and exports them. In other cases, the designs are Philippa’s own, which are then made up, marketed, sold and distributed. So, you can imagine how super excited we are to be able to showcase these incredible earrings at Tanda Tula Safari Camp.

Each item that is produced by the ladies working alongside Philippa is a wearable work of art, using only the best quality beads. Every single order and sale contribute to the upliftment of talented artisans and their families, we are so proud and excited to be part of this process.

Tanda Tula - Nina & Shara in the Greater Kruger