Dazzling Thandi

Her beautiful smile and gorgeous hazel coloured eyes make her incredibly memorable, not to mention her fabulous style or the personal fashion accessories she adds to her daily attire. Thandi Mashego is one of the most gentle members of our waitering team at Tanda Tula Safari Camp,and to know her, is to be captivated by her iconic look.

Tanda Tula - Setting up the dining area at Safari Camp

Having grown up in a small community village on the outskirts of the Kruger National Park,Thandi never had the means to visit these wild, open spaces. Going on safari was an expense her mother simply could not afford, but Thandi knew this was what she wanted to experience. She wanted to see the wildlife and be part of this bigger conservation picture.

Thandi joined the Tanda Tula family in February 2017. It was her first job ever and when she arrived, she was incredibly fearful of the elephants and lions. However, now that she has been working in this environment for a while, the wild animals have become a daily occurrence. She is used to seeing elephants drinking form Camp Dam or buffalo feeding across the riverbed. Her love for nature has grown and now she takes great pride in being part of something in the Timbavati.The only time she still feels a bit nervous is on the nights she beautifully lays out a private dinner for her guests on the deck of their tents, then walks back in the dark which reawakens her slight fear.

At first, this fashionista worked in the housekeeping department, but she really wanted to meet guests and get an opportunity to hear their stories. It did not take long for her to prove herself and she showed her willingness to learn and grow. Thandi loves working as a waitress because it gives her the ability to make sure the guests are always happy.

Thandi’s dream when she was at school was to be a lawyer. She has still got her eye on bigger things, but her next goal is to become part of the office team at Tanda Tula and hopefully end up working in reservations. It is such an honour to work with a woman who has so much ambition, and continually wants to improve herself. As a team, we will all support and assist her in any way we can in order for her to reach this next target.