Clenny: The Gorgeous Glue

In every team there is usually at least one member whose role plays such an integral part that without them the operation would be lost. We are fortunate enough to have many team members like that, but Clenny Seoke, Tanda Tula’s duty manager, is most definitely one of them.  

Clenny is someone who goes about her daily duties with a loud, contagious laugh and often a booming voice, but also with such ease and so little fuss, that if we could not hear her from most areas in camp, we would forget that she is there at all! Although, being such an integral part of our team, we would all know immediately if she was not around. 


Every day Clenny oversees the team behind the scenes, checking they are in camp and completing their daily tasks. Supervising the housekeeping team and performing all the room checks before our guest’s arrival. Clenny is also responsible for checking stock, ordering new amenities and all the administration such as day sheets, welcome notes and feedback forms. 

Her beautiful, colourful headpieces and exotic jewellery really showcase the colourful character she is. Her dedication and unwavering perseverance allow her to get on with her tasks in a competent and efficient manner. It is this combination of her happy disposition and professionalism that has earned the utmost respect from the entire team. 


Clenny started in 2007 and in 2012 was made Duty Manager. It has been an absolute pleasure watching her grow in leaps and bounds over the years. She is a real mother figure who we often turn to when we need some sound advice. She is a true Tanda Tula gem.