Allied’s incredible growth

We are so proud of our scholarship kids. We watch them grow from strength-to-strength, constantly improving their grades and growing everyday into well rounded individuals. With this in mind, we wanted to draw special attention to Allied Mathebula, Formen’s oldest son, who has simply blown us away with the huge improvements he has achieved in his end of year exam results.

Allied improved his Maths, Natural Sciences and English by 14%, 10% and 6% respectively. Amazingly, he also upgraded his overall academic average by 6% from the previous year’s final exam results. Our Scholarship Program really focuses on constantly helping the students improve their personal level of education, as we believe this is one of the most powerful means of change in someone’s life. Allied has received some extra guidance from Philippa Kleyn, a teacher who runs a private, extra tutoring business on the side.

As his primary mentor, Natalie McFarlane says: “I am immensely proud of Allied’s incredible progress. The move from a government-run school in the community to a private school undoubtedly comes with many challenges, which more often than not, require extra tuition and academic support. This was the case with Allied, who joined the Foundation at the end of his primary school career. Philippa has been a wonderful and caring support to Allied and we are grateful for her invaluable role. However, I am sure she would agree with me, that it is ultimately Allied, who through his unwavering determination and hard work, has taken every challenge in his stride and is reaping the rewards of his efforts. His progress has surpassed our expectations and my hope is that his newfound confidence carries over into every area of his life and continues well into his future.

Jayden, Allied’s little brother, really looks up to him. Allied is a constant inspiration, proving to him that hard work really does pay off.  All the other Foundation kids can look to this gentle-natured, hardworking, oldest member of the foundation as motivation for doing better and growing in all aspects of their lives.

Tanda Tula - Allied and Jayden at school in the Greater Kruger