We have always been committed to strengthening communities, empowering individuals and conserving wild spaces. Through responsible business practices and people-facing programs, we enable change immediately and provide growth for years to come.

Doing more at Tanda Tula

Our community development programs are largely associated with education, but also provide support for small business development, the establishment of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and encouraging environmental awareness.

Education table

Tanda Tula Adult Literacy Program

Established in 2012, the Tanda Tula Education Foundation is headed by Natalie McFarlane and has its roots in adult literacy. The foundation offers everything from basic literacy and computer lessons, to higher education and important life skills.

“This is not about ‘doing work in the community’, but about ensuring that team members, personally, receive the resources to change their own lives,”

-Nina Scott

More about Natalie's work
Natalie McFarlane - Program Director

Natalie McFarlane - Program Director

Education table

Tanda Tula Scholarship Program

Our scholarship program is 100% funded by Tanda Tula (Pty) Ltd and currently provides full funding for six children belonging to our team. The children attend Southern Cross Schools (SCS), a private IEB school based in Hoedspruit educating learners to the highest academic levels. The school provides a parallel education in conservation and sustainability as well as environment and community development.

Proudly, our program also has two university students on full scholarships: Reloef Khoza is studying Aeronautical Engineering at The University of Witwatersrand; Vusi Dlamini, an intern at Safari Camp and the team member with the biggest smile, is studying Business Communications through the University of South Africa.

More about Reloef's journey

    tanda tula education foundation

Tanda Tula Team Member Vusi

Vusi - our BA student

Tanda Tula Scholarship student

Reloef - our Aeronautical Engineering Student with Don

Our African footprint

Responsible tourism is the foundation upon which our conservation efforts, community programs and research projects have been built.

We passionately support and contribute to various important projects in the Timbavati and Greater Kruger National Park with the support of you, our guests. By visiting regions like ours, you are investing in the future of Africa and ensuring that it will thrive. Each guest contributes a daily Conservation Levy which supports the Greater Kruger National Park conservation projects including anti-poaching and security as well as sustainable development for communities.

Timbavati Rhino Protectors

The Timbavati Wildlife Protection Programme initiated an anti-rhino poaching initiative focused on effectively detecting and deterring poaching incursions into our reserve. Trained and dedicated field guides spend their lives patrolling and protecting rhino and other endangered species in the Greater Kruger area where they are under immense threat. We support the Timbavati security efforts with our own “eyes on the ground” and by regular communication with the field ranger team.


Vulture Research

The Timbavati has the largest vulture nesting colony in the entire Greater Kruger National Park. The Vulture Nest Monitoring Project is done in collaboration with the Endangered Wildlife Trust of South Africa. While on safari with us in the area, record the location of vultures you see and share these with your guide or the camp manager to assist with data gathering which contributes toward the protection of this species.

Endangered Wildlife Trust
Tanda Tula Vulture Research Project

Leopard Research

The Timbavati has partnered with Panthera, the only organisation in the world devoted exclusively to the conservation of the world’s 38 wild cat species and their ecosystems. Tanda Tula has two camera traps surrounding Safari Camp and Field Camp which assist in establishing and estimating the leopard population of the area as well as documenting established territories for these elusive cats.

Panthera's Leopard Research

Ground-Hornbill Research

This program, run by the Percy FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology and operating across the Timbavati and Klaserie reserves, aims to create a better understanding of the breeding ecology and home ranges of this endangered bird species. We provide a monthly fuel donation for the field vehicle of the Ground-Hornbill Project, and our guides provide feedback of all sightings to the researchers by recording them on the Cybertracker system.

Ground-hornbill Blog Tanda Tula Ground Hornbill Conservation Research

Giving back with Tanda Tula

With the support of our guests, we are committed to championing projects close to our hearts.

Simply by choosing to stay with us, you contribute towards our important partnerships and projects. Together, we can make a long-lasting and notable contribution to the region. We welcome like-minded collaborations and love to work with anyone across the globe concerned about education and the future of conservation in Africa. Get in touch with us no matter where you are and find out how you can get involved.

Projects we support & fund

Tanda Tula Foundation students all together.jpg

tanda tula scholarship fund

Founded in 2016, the Tanda Tula Scholarship Fund provides access to primary and secondary education for children of our Tanda Tula team, who otherwise would not have the financial means to fulfill their educational goals. Our vision is to assist with teaching the next generation and providing them with abundant, holistic knowledge in order to build stronger and healthier communities.

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Tanda Tula Adult literacy class

tanda tula adult literacy

This program aims to create beneficial opportunities for all of our staff, both in their work and as individuals. Key areas of focus include teaching basic reading and writing skills, as well as computer literacy which, in turn, allows for further education through online training in subjects such as tourism and office administration.

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Tanda Tula Kunavelela Community Project


Brothers Harry and Smiling Ubisi, two of the Tanda Tula barmen, created Kunavelela Community Project in 1997. The aim of this non-profit organisation was “to empower individuals and encourage hope” in their own community. These inspirational men continue to do amazing work through various projects. Donations to this project go directly towards meeting their objectives.

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