A Tanda Tula celebration

The festive season is always crazy busy at Tanda Tula Safari Camp.We were so deeply entrenched in merry lodge activities that we didn’t get an opportunity to have our own Christmas party. This is why we closed the lodge in the first week of January for one night so that the entire Tanda Tula familycould come together and have a good old party of our own… and boy, what a night we had!

We kicked off in the afternoon with drinks and snacks and it was such a sweltering hot day that most of us were enjoying the pool (others had already started breaking out with their dance moves). Everyone had dressed up to the max and looked incredible – from more traditional attire to high street fashion. Chefs Ryan and Chris over saw the succulent lambs on the spit and BBQ chickens while Bishop helped with the salads and other delicious accompaniments. The meal was a real feast! Everyone sat at long tables on the lawn in the late afternoon light and got to enjoy the food in true guest- style.

Don Scott, Dale Jackson and Formen Mathebula all made speeches in both Shangaan and English, thanking everyone for their contribution and commitment during a fantastic 2018. They also reflected on how the team has grown, welcoming new members to the Tanda Tula family and acknowledging those that have retired recently. They spoke about the exciting year ahead and some of the amazing things that will be taking place – watch this space!

Despite the unforgiving heat, we all partied the night away with loud music and dancing under the stars. Everyone had a really well deserved and happy celebration, but then it was back to work (even for those with slightly sore heads).