10 fun facts for kids about honey badgers

There are so many stories about honey badgers. They are fierce, fearless creatures who can cause a huge amount of trouble, just like many children. Sadly, they are quite rare to find, but once you do find one out in the wild you will absolutely fall in love with these incredible creatures.

Tanda Tula - a peeking honey badger in the Timbavati

1. They will eat anything, and yes, we mean anything! They are omnivores which means they eat meat and vegetables so anything from insects, eggs, plants, roots, bulbs, reptiles and even small animals. We have found them to be particularly fond of the rubbish bins behind the Tanda Tula kitchen!

2. They are super smart animals! When it comes to brains, these guys come top of the class! They have the ability to work out how to use tools for their benefit; a very clever honey badger at a rehabilitation centre in Hoedspruit, South Africa, taught himself to use some sticks, rocks and a rake to make a crafty escape from his enclosure. Watch this videoto see just how clever they really are!

3. They are solitary animals so most of the time, you find them alone, just like weasels which are from the same family. They are also related to otters, ferrets and skunks.

4. They are mean! Always on the look-out to pick a fight, they will easily take on a porcupine, lion or even snake. They do not always win, but they have definitely earned respect out here in the wild.

5. They have sharp, strong teeth. They can break through a tortoise shell and even the metal locks on our bins!

6. They can be super stinky. At the base of their tail is a very smelly gland which contains a stinky liquid. They mostly use this to mark their territory, but if they feel threatened, they can release a stink bomb!

7. They have long nails. This enables them to be incredible diggers, making themselves a burrow to sleep in. But they can also dig to grab prey underground.

8. These strong, ferocious, clever animals are also found in the Middle East and India. They most likely got their name from their love of honey and all things sweet.

9. They have a thick skin. In fact, it is the same thickness as a buffalo’s skin, which is 50 times heavier than a honey badger. Their skin is rubbery and like a set of loose clothing which allows them to move around in it – brilliant form of self defense.

10. They are born blind and hairless. When they come into this world, they are completely dependent on their mum who carries them around in their mouth. Although their hair starts to grow in a couple of weeks and they gain eyesight, they are mostly dependent on their great sense of smell in adult life.

Tanda Tula - honey badger on the move in the Timbavati, South Africa