Wonderful Weekend of Game Viewing!

White Lion

The game around our safari camp really came out to play over the weekend, as we had a wide variety of fantastic sightings. The weekend began with a wonderful sighting of the two white lions from the north. These two females were accompanied by their male sibling, but the two older lionesses were not to be found.

They had just finished feeding off a small warthog and had taken on more of pink colour, thanks to all the blood.

They are both in fantastic condition, and it is just a matter of time before a big male takes a serious interest in these two lovely ladies. The Machaton pride suffered a serious blow this weekend, as one of the older cubs was discovered being fed on by hyenas. We are unsure whether the hyaenas actually killed the cub, or whether it was a large unknown male whose tracks were found nearby.

Wild dog

The pride regrouped the following day, and the remaining seven cubs were all sighted alive and well.

The Rockfig female was found around camp most of the weekend, and was actively hunting on the ridge above camp. I managed to get a photo of her on a large termite mound before she made her way past the swimming pool!


Yesterday morning delivered the highlight of the weekend, as we picked up a pack of ten wild dog lying in the riverbed just below camp. They all looked fat and content, and must have fed recently as you could still see blood on their muzzles. These animals are always a favourite with our guests as there is never a dull moment with them, and this morning was no different as they gave us quite a show in the riverbed before moving off to continue hunting.

What a weekend!

Words by Dale Jackson

4 thoughts on “Wonderful Weekend of Game Viewing!

  1. I am devasted to read about the lion cub, we saw him just last week….. SO sad :( Hope the rest keep safe. Looks like you had a great weekend of sightings though. So jealous! Thanks again for a wonderful stay.

  2. Hello Dale! My husband Tim and I stayed at Tanda Tula two months ago in July to celebrate our 35th Anniversary–and you all spoiled us! It was our first time in Africa, and our very first game drive with Scotch and Patrick, we were so thrilled to see a pride of lionesses with 8-9 lion cubs. I am wondering if that was the Machaton pride that you write of? Here are photos I took of them, some of which I am sure you have seen: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.2068027694275.113591.1052298758

    I am so sad to hear of the death of one of the cubs. Even knowing that the vast majority of them never make it to adulthood, it is still a blow when you have seen and marvelled at these little guys with your own eyes. Here’s hoping that the remaining seven pull through!

    Many thanks again for an unforgettable stay at Tanda Tula, and please give our best to everyone there. We hope to return soon!

    Best regards,
    Jeanne Sakata Patterson

    • Hi Jeanne
      Many thanks for the link you really have some wonderful photographs. I am afraid it is the Machaton Pride we can only hope the remaining seven cubs pull through. Just this morning they managed to bring down a huge giraffe i will update the blog soon with this sighting.
      Many thanks for your comments.
      Kind Regards

  3. Thank you Dale, so looking forward to your description of this sighting! One quick question more about the Machaton lions: Were there only eight cubs to begin with in this pride?

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