Winter is setting in!

Dear travellers and guests of Tanda Tula,

If you are planning on visiting us during the winter months of June, July and August, we look forward to seeing you, and advise you to pack your warmest winter woollies!

Temperatures in the Timbavati have now dropped to less than 5 degrees Celsius in the early mornings, and evening temperatures are rapidly dropping to below 10 degrees Celsius. We promise to constantly keep the warm log fires burning in the lounge and boma, and will be putting hot water bottles into your beds at night to keep you cosy. However, please dress warmly, as the outdoor nature of your experience means that you are still exposed to the chilly outside temperatures.

Luckily, our daytime temperatures are still going up into the mid 20’s (degrees Celsius), so T-shirts and shorts are still required during the day. As always, during our winter, you can expect sunny skies all day, so the rule is to use ‘layering’. Ensure that you are dressed warmly for the morning game drive, but be able to shed layers as the sun comes up and begins to warm the bush. Remember to pack a beanie, fleece, warm jacket and gloves, but also some cooler clothes as the midday temperature can sometimes be as high as 30 degrees Celsius.

Travel safely and we’ll see you in the bush!

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