Wild Dogs Make An Appearance!

At Tanda Tula Safari Camp we have been very fortunate this week, as we have had frequent sightings of wild dogs during our morning and evening game drives. At least 4 different packs have been seen with the biggest being 26 individuals and the smallest being 8. Unfortunately these animals are on the endangered list so having frequent sightings of them is always a fantastic treat, so this is great news for not only our safari camp, but for the entire Timbavati reserve.

Tanda - Tula Nomadic Male

One of the Nomadic Males

Usually these animals move so quickly through the bush over long distances, making them very hard to find. What we found really exciting though is that in all 4 packs we have seen youngsters, which could possibly mean their numbers will be on the increase.

In addition to the wild dogs, the two nomadic male lions were heard calling to the west of camp yesterday afternoon and later found resting at one of the dams nearby. Our guests were privileged to be next to the very impressive males while they announced their presence with some evening roaring.

Tanda - Tula Teeth

Showing off his teeth!

To be alongside a lion when it roars is a truly special experience, and don’t hear it, you feel it. You can feel the floor board of the vehicle vibrating beneath your feet, and see the side mirrors of the game vehicle shake with the vibrations. It truly is the call of the African Bush and it really is phenomenal to hear.

Words by Richard Woodward. Image by Civilised Mathebula.