White Lions Return to the Timbavati!

Today proved to be another exciting day of lion sightings for Tanda Tula Safari Camp and all the other camps of the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve.

After yesterday’s buffalo kill, it was always going to be tough to top such a once-in-a-lifetime event. Today, however, offered another incredible game viewing surprise, as the Shakubasa Pride, complete with its two sub-adult white lionesses, returned to the Timbavati, and into our Safari Camp’s traversing area.

One of the White Lions Relaxing

For the last few months the White Lions and their pride have been spending time in the Kruger National Park, as well as in our neighbouring reserves (Klaserie and Umbabat), which, along with the Timbavati, form part of the Greater Kruger National Park. This morning, guests were treated to a rare view of the White Lions as they lay sleeping in the cool morning shade of some Mopani trees. Each time our guests witness these very rare animals it truly is an incredible experience, and as you can imagine, our guests are ecstatic.

As followers of our blog will know, there is another pride (the Giraffe Pride) in the Timbavati, which also has a completely naturally occurring White Lion in their midst – a male of similar age to the two White Lionesses of the Shakubasa Pride.

A White Lion from the Shakubasa Pride

The Giraffe Pride can be seen in the Southern part of the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve, and is a large, well established pride, which has a distinct territory.
Our fascination with the White Lionesses of the Shakubasa Pride, is that they do not seem to have settled in a fixed territory yet, and they therefore move over huge areas of the Greater Kruger National Park. We are therefore always excited to have them return to our traversing area.

We will continue to watch with great interest as these two White Lions continue on their path to adulthood. Some beautiful photographs were taken by Lucinda and Hamish McLennan, and they have kindly provided us with these visuals for today’s sighting.

We will keep you up to date.

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One thought on “White Lions Return to the Timbavati!

  1. I am absolutely fascinated by these incredible animals, lions are my all time favorite & I wish I could do more to ensure there survival.. If we dont do something to protect them im affraid we will loose them forever…what a sad day that will b when lions become extinct by the hands of humams! There will b a cry from africa if we allow these magnificent animals to become extinct! They r the true beauty… & now the return of the white lions in the wild, must be a sign…please keep us updated on there success in the wild..i wish them the best & there r many rooting for them…oxox

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