White Lioness Returns


It was another exciting weekend at Tanda Tula Safari Camp as we were incredibly fortunate to see one of the white lionesses.

White Lioness Relaxing

She was seen to the north of our safari camp, with her older tawny male sibling. They had not been seen for a couple of months so it was a real treat to see both of them doing so well. They both had a few fresh scars, most likely from altercations with other lions on their travels, but neither was the worse for wear.

They had just attempted to tackle a buffalo calve shortly before we arrived, but were unsuccessful. By the time we found them they had decided to take a rest.

She has mesmerizing eyes

I only managed to capture a couple of shots, but as you will see her blue eyes are completely mesmerizing.

It is always an incredible treat to see the white lions. The Timbavati Private Nature Reserve is one of the only few places on Earth where these incredibly rare animals occur naturally, with no human intervention, making the reserve very unique indeed. Read more about the white lions here

What a beauty!

Text and photos by Dale Jackson