Well known snake expert visits Tanda Tula

On 31 December 2010, Jason Stewart, a well known snake expert in the Lowveld region, visited Tanda Tula to give a talk on snakes that are encountered in our area. Guests and Staff were treated to close up viewing of some of the snakes that Jason had brought with him.

These included Puff Adder, Snouted Cobra, Mozambican Spitting Cobra, Black Mamba, Boomslang and African Rock Python. The idea behind this type of demonstration is to give staff and guests the opportunity to view these dangerous varieties of snakes up close, but in a structured and safe environment. The experience also provided more detailed information about these creatures. In these demonstrations the experts focus on dispelling many of the myths and beliefs which people have about snakes and provide information which clarifies the behaviour of the different types of snakes.

This information is very useful, especially for our rangers and trackers who often encounter the more dangerous species of snakes while out in the bush. The talk was a great success, with our rangers and other staff being given the opportunity to handle the African Rock Python under the watchful eye of Jason.

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