Unique Butterfly Species Discovered at Tanda Tula


Ian Sharp, a keen naturalist and butterfly expert, recently discovered a rare species of butterfly while visiting Tanda Tula. This is very exciting news and shows that the Timbavati features not only incredible ‘big game’, but special smaller species too.

Below is a summary of this discovery and if you Click Here you can read the full report.

Confirmation of the presence of Coeliades Lorenzo in the Mpumalanga Lowveld.

One-pip Policeman

Participation in the South African Butterfly Assessment (SABCA), similar in context to the bird atlas, has provided opportunities of discovering ‘out-of-range’ butterflies. One such discovery at Tanda Tula was unique as it was the first verified record of this species in the Lowveld. Known to occur in KwaZulu-Natal and northwards into Mozambique it has not been confirmed in the Lowveld. As indicated in the article it is very similar to the closely related Red-tab Policeman in the adult phase. Without dissection or the larva it cannot be told apart. This discovery shows how important such projects are and how the general public can contribute in a significant way by participating through the submission of records to the virtual museums of the Animal Demographic Unit.

For clarification purposes, the common names of the butterflies discussed in the article are given below:

Coeliades anchises anchises – One-pip Policeman
Coeliades keithloa keithloa – Red-tab Policeman
Coeliades lorenzo – Lorenzo’s Red-tab Policeman

Tanda Tula would like to thank Ian Sharp for providing us with this report.