Traffic jam,Timbavati style!


Our resident teacher, Jacquie Gauthier, who is part of our adult literacy programme which is focused on educating our staff, recently had an interesting traffic problem on the way in to camp. Read her story below.

Traffic Jam, Timbavati style!

It was Monday morning, and I had given myself plenty of time to get to Tanda Tula to help out in the adult literacy program.  You have to factor in extra time, so that you can drive in at a leisurely pace and enjoy the scenery as well as any animals who may present themselves.

As I crested a hill on the dirt road, I saw another car at a standstill.  I soon recognised it as an Elephant Research vehicle. Appropriately, they had stopped because of a herd of elephants who were making their way across the road, one by one.

As this was clearly going to take a while, I switched off the engine and rolled down the window.  I sat there listening to the breaking of branches as the elephants selected their preferred leaves, and the low rumbling sound they use to communicate.  As I watched them move slowly across the road, I couldn’t help but compare this to the traffic jams I had experienced as a city dweller.

There, being idle for 15 minutes, would cause your blood pressure to spike.  Here, it puts you in a relaxed state. Eventually the last of the herd crossed the road and our two cars continued on to Tanda Tula Safari Camp, knowing that no one would be the least bit annoyed at our being a few minutes late.

Photo by Jacquie Gauthier