Time for a change

Tanda - Tula Chefs Tarts

Greetings to all Tanda Tula foodies!

With the previous few weeks being so busy, I have barely had enough time to sit down, let alone write to all of you about what’s been happening in the kitchen over the past couple of weeks.

The most exciting news is that with the heat of summer now firmly upon us, I have added some new, cool, fresh dishes to our menu! In staying with my “Keep it easy, Keep it fresh” motto, all our guests will find these new delights simple, wholesome and easy to recreate.

In other kitchen news, as training is a passion of mine, I have taken on a full time kitchen student, Stephan Schultz.

I am a firm believer that practical, on the job experience and training is the key to any successful chef and that it is up to us head chefs to train and teach the younger and upcoming generation of chefs.

Stephan comes from a cookery school in our closest town Hoedspruit and is aspiring to become a professional chef hoping to, one day, run and maintain his own kitchen.

During his training he has covered all major areas in the kitchen, from salads to desserts to admin work.

We will upload some new recipes as soon as possible.

Until next time,


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