There’s a Leopard on my ‘Stoep’

Relaxing on the deck

The action in and around our safari camp is non-stop at the moment.

Guests have been able to view animals from the comfort of their own decks, or as with this morning’s leopard sighting, on their decks!

This morning, the housekeeping team came rushing into the office to report that a leopard had been seen on the deck of tent number one. We carefully made our way to the tent to investigate, and discovered the young Xinhopi male lying next to the deck lounger, having a peaceful snooze!

Keeping a look out

We managed to make our way around the tent to the opposite side of the river bank to get some pictures of him having a good look around, and taking in the tent’s fantastic view.

Eventually, he stood up and decided to make full use of the tent’s facilities and jumped into the very popular outdoor shower.

I managed to sneak up to the tent and take a couple of photos through the bathroom’s glass door.

He caught sight of his reflection in the large glass sliding door, and this was far too much for his curious nature, as he continued to stare at himself for quite some time.

Looking at his reflection

He is in absolutely magnificent condition, and continues to evade his father’s attempts to chase him out of the territory. We also managed to get some video footage of him and will upload a link shortly.

Enjoy the pictures!

Text and pictures by Dale Jackson

Sitting in the shower

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