The Journey of Our Fig Tree!


When the floods hit the Timbavati on Wednesday 18 January, much was lost along the river systems. From our main deck, which featured a magnificent fig tree estimated to be anywhere between 100 and 200 years old, we watched as the river rose at an alarming rate of about 10cm every 10 minutes.

At approximately 11am that same morning, a few of us were standing close to the main deck when we heard an almighty crack, much like the sound of a rifle firing. We stood in awe as we watched our beloved fig tree, a landmark to many, crash into the water within seconds and be carried away by mother nature, down what used to be a very dry and calm riverbed.

Those of you who have been to Tanda Tula Safari Camp will remember how big this tree was, and watching it being swept down the river was like watching a ship move past our camp. While it was being washed down the river, its sheer size uprooted various other trees in its path, as though they were nothing but twigs.

The rivers have now subsided, and the Nhlaralumi riverbed is once again drying up, offering a magical and new environment in which to walk. A few days ago we were walking down the river when we found our beloved fig tree nestled against a rock in the middle of the dry riverbed, over 3km’s downstream! Although it had lost many of its branches, the trunk and root system was still intact.

The photos you see here are of the great tree in its final resting place. Unfortunately we have been unable to find any full view pictures of our tree in its original position next to the main lounge deck. We would welcome and appreciate it if any of our previous guests, who may have photos of the fig tree, would send these to us so that we can publish them on our website and Facebook fan page. Photos can be sent to

The photos will be judged by us, and the person who submits the best photo will win one luxurious nights stay for 2 people on their next visit to Tanda Tula Safari Camp.

Competition terms and conditions:

1. Booking is subject to availability
2. Prize cannot be exchanged for cash
3. The judges decision is final
4. Prize is valid for one year (from date of the winner being announced)
5. Prize includes luxury accommodation, game activities and all meals. Drinks and conservation levies are for your own account