The Bone Collector


Guests of Tanda Tula Safari Camp were recently treated to a fantastic hyaena sighting with over ten adult hyaena squabbling over the remains of a buffalo carcass.

Hyaena on the remains of the buffalo kill

The lions had enjoyed their fill and moved off, leaving the carcass to the prowling clan of hyaenas.

These resourceful predators were making short work of the remaining bones, splintering them like toothpicks in their powerful jaws.

Sneaking off with the prize

As we arrived at the sighting we spotted a large female hyaena running off with part of the buffalo’s leg.

It is common practice among hyaena to stash portions of their kills for consumption at a later stage. They often use a waterhole or natural pan as they can completely submerge the prize. There was plenty of activity around the carcass as more dominant clan members took the prime pieces and pushed subordinates off to the side.

Words by Dale Jackson

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