Temperatures and game viewing heating up!

We were cooking over the weekend at our safari camp, not only in terms of the temperature, but also with exceptional game viewing. With temperatures touching the forty degree Celsius mark, the swimming pool was a very popular place to be, especially as our guests can relax here with a drink and watch game at the watering hole that our infinity pool overlooks.

Mayanbula Pride

Large herds of buffalo and elephant were seen wallowing to their heart’s content in the numerous natural pans that have formed as a result of the recent rain.

We were also treated to some wonderful predator viewing with the Mayanbula Pride making a rare appearance. This pride, which is made up of three mature lionesses, a young sub-adult male and a tiny three to four month old cub, frequents our southern traversing area every now and again.

Cub Suckling

They often disappear into the large wilderness blocks of the Kruger National Park and are not sighted for weeks on end, so it was a real treat to find them.

The young cub put on quite a show for us, as he tried to convince his mother that he needed to suckle. You can see him desperately nuzzling her in the photo, and she eventually gave in.

We also managed to see a pack of wild dog over the weekend, much to the enjoyment of our guests. Chad Cocking, a fellow guide from Motswari, managed to get a great shot of the wild dogs playing in the riverbed, right next to our ranger Scotch and our guests! A big thanks to Chad for offering us this image.

Fantastic wild dog sighting

So, if you are planning on visiting us in the near future make sure you pack your swimming costumes and cameras as things are warming up on all fronts.

Text by Dale Jackson