Tanda Tula Trackers : Contributing to Science


The Ranger and Tracker team at Tanda Tula Safari Camp has recently been privileged to have been invited to participate in a scientific study being conducted by a USA based PhD student, Kirstin Lawrence-Apfel. The study is essentially to evaluate the use of Camera Traps in determining the presence of, and/or movement of, animals in a defined area versus the ability of certified trackers in determining the same information.

The process involves a number of camera traps that are setup according to specific parameters in order to capture the presence of, and/or movement of, animals over a specific area of ground. The cameras are then allowed to capture data overnight. In the morning, our team of rangers and trackers move in and analyse the area covered by the camera to evaluate all of the animal tracks that can be seen on the ground in that area. They record all of these and then compare their findings to the images captured on the cameras. Ultimately, the intention is to evaluate which of the two methods is able to consistently and reliably capture the data needed to evaluate animal movements over a small area.

Our Ranger and Tracker team are well known for their high levels of experience and capabilities, and their involvement in scientific work, which is specifically related to the tracking skill, certainly makes all of us at Tanda Tula Safari Camp very proud.

We will keep you all informed on the progress and outcome of this study. We have already, and will continue to post photos from the camera traps as there are often very interesting sightings of some strange nocturnal animals moving around our safari camp late at night.

Here you can view some of the images already caught on camera, as well as a picture of Jack and Scotch, two of our senior trackers: